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Welcome to Vern Graner's KIM-1 Page!

NOTE: This is a brand new domain with a brand new site. I've been working on it in my spare time and so it's coming along kinda slow. It currently has some broken links as I've been redesigning the way I do the photo gallery and the discussion forum. I hope to have it in tip top shape soon. If you'd like to help, please send email to vernATkim-1DOTcom. Thanx!

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News! 2-11-05 I have made changes to the WIKI portion of this site to defend against wiki-spam bots that deface sites. If you would like to post on the WIKLI be sure to read the first page for instructions on how to post. :)
News! 6-6-02 I have recently gotten email from another KIM-1 Enthusiast, Ross Archer (Hi Ross! :) And he has volunteered to assist in advancing the KIM-1 site for all who find the KIM-1 fun! If anyone else would like to help, please let me know by contacting me at VERN@KIM-1dotCOM (remove the dot to send mail!)
News! 2-20-02 Hi! My name is Vern Graner and I'm a recent KIM-1 owner. Though this site has been static for a while now, I've recently added a new section that I hope will kick-start this site and make it a meeting place for KIM-1 enthusiasts around the world. There is a new User Area that allows every visitor (yes thats you!) to modify and/or add to the site! Please visit and make some updates for all KIM-1 users to share! :)
News! 1-20-02 For those of you who consider yourselves KIM-1 hardware experts, I could sure use some help in setting up and/or identifying some of these new boards I recently won at Auction on ebay. Please have a look in the photo gallery and see if you can identify what these boards are and/or how they're hooked up. I'd very much like to get some of these working and would even consider sending unneeded components to good homes in return for help! :) For starters, I'd like to build up a software library with casette programs converted to "MP3s". As soon as I get a chance I'll convert my first few programs and make them available online here. If you have a KIM-1 with a casette interface, please let me know if this type of program delivery works.

On another note, I have recently purchased some obscure manuals that I will be scanning in to make available in the docs section and am currently in search of schematics and docs for the accessory boards shown in the photo gallery. Any help in identifying these boards, sources for schematics, support programs etc. would be greatly appreciated. Please send email to VERN@KIM-1dotCOM (confuse those spam-spiders!)

Thanks in advance! :)

Vern Graner

News! 7-14-01 This is a brand new site and I hope to be making some major improvements soon. I've been slowly aquiring new KIM-1 hardware and software. I'll also be making some OCR versions of manuals available as I get the time. Please check back often and feel free to send me some EMail as I'm looking for other KIM-1 users/enthusiasts!